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I Forgot My Toshiba Laptop Windows 7 Password, How to Reset it?

My father just purchased a Toshiba laptop. I set a password on it and now can’t remember what the password is. It’s new laptop with windows 7. Is there any way to reset Toshiba Windows 7 password without password rest disk? Answer from Others about Toshiba Forgotten Windows 7 Password Problem Try to recall your forgotten Windows 7 password as soon as possible. If not then you should start the computer in safe mode click administrator and change the password to your account name. If admin is not available then you will need to click forgot password. Not work at all? I am sorry, you have to pay money for someone to reset Toshiba password Windows 7 in using windows restore. My Answer on Toshiba Windows 7 Password Reset Regarding this or similar Toshiba Windows 7 for... Read more

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