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啟迪幼兒園食譜 2017.12.25-2017.12.29 星期一 早 餐三明治 牛奶 上午點 雪米餅 午 餐 花卷 可樂雞腿 糖醋菜花 蛋花湯 午 點 酸奶 晚 餐 米飯 魚香肉絲 肉沫豆腐 蝦皮紫菜湯 星期二 早 餐香腸包 芹菜拌豆皮 粉湯 上午點串串雪 午 餐農村臊子面 熱拌豆芽菜 晚 餐米飯 豆豉鯪魚油麥菜 過油肉炒蒜苔 星期三 早 餐龍須面 荷包蛋 黃瓜丁 上午點山楂卷 午 餐素包子 蒜泥菠菜 珍珠魚丸湯 午 點梨 晚 餐紅豆米飯 溜三丁 糖醋白菜 白蘿卜湯 星期四 早 餐菊花卷 香腸 牛奶 上午點米果酥 午 餐米飯 西紅柿炒雞蛋 咖喱雞塊 蔬菜湯 晚 餐燜面 香菜 Read more

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But it is not enough that only 5 Minute Energy Routine the business owner has sufficient knowledge and skills regarding this area. The employees especially those who will work at the kitchen should also be adept in food handling and preparation to ensure that your food business does not only serve mouthwatering food but also those that are safe and clean.
Because resume falsifications have become more rampant these days, it has become a necessity for food businesses to conduct background checks on their employees. For instance, if you have a restaurant and you are looking for a chef, it is possible that you would encounter applicants who will claim to have graduated from reputable culinary schools or have work experience in major restaurants. A background check will help you validate the information stated in the resume because it investigates an applicant's educational background and employment history.
Aside from hiring a qualified and excellent chef, you also need to have a staff of food servers that will give your customers an efficient service with a smile. It is easy to pretend to be pleasant and friendly during the interviews but an employee background check that will supply valuable information about a person's background will make you know his or her real character and personality.

For one, you will be able to get hold of any criminal records that an applicant may have. An applicant who had been involved in cases of violence, sexual abuse, fraud, theft, embezzlement and such surely does not have any room in your restaurant. Moreover, medical records and drug testing records you can obtain from the background check will also inform you if the employee is physically and mentally healthy to work for your company.
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