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After the occurrence of any unpleasant happenings, reviving a romantic relationship is usually quite an uphill task. But if one puts Love Commands in time, effort and thought it is definitely not impossible to patch up and reunite. During the course of putting things back together again, one of the most helpful gestures is to give your partner genuine and heartfelt reassurances.

Reassuring a partner involves removing their doubts or fears that resulted from the unpleasant occurrences. Naturally, doubts and fears do not just evaporate upon delivering a few well phrased dialogues; one needs to follow them up with consistent actions. Adding a few extravagant yet loving and meaningful gestures, such as sending a bouquet of flowers may not be everyone's cup of tea. However, if such gestures are made with subtlety, and without making the gestures come off as favors, then they could go a long way in showing genuine care and concern.

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