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'I was terrified of getting a letter from Gucci': the man who popularised the bootleg slogan T-shirt

article   In late 2006, Brian Lichtenberg launched a line of subverted slogan-wear, including the famous Homies sweatshirt. But how did he get away with it?   The only company that took legal action was Marlboro. Shortly after releasing a red-and-white sweatshirt with the words “Lichtenboro” in a Marlboro-esque typeface, designer Brian Lichtenberg was sent a cease and desist letter by the cigarette company. “I was like, you’re not even a fucking clothing brand – where’s your sense of humour?” he sighs. “It was so lame.” He destroyed the sweatshirts.   You may not remember Lichtenberg’s name, but you’ll know his work: a playful oeuvre of sweatshirts with subverted designer (and sometimes cigarette company) logos, which enjoyed a robust period of popula... Read more

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Love Commands Review

The biggest fear that people have when they are starting to work on pick up artist skills is the answer, no. A woman is going to tell you no a lot. They may even throw a drink at you if you're not careful. You have to find a way to not fear this. If you can get away from any sort of fear relating to rejection, you will end up with a huge jump in your dating game. The reason why some pick up artists are better than others is simple, they don't worry about being told, "no".

When it comes to dating, you have to have top notch conversation skills. Many people assume that they have this in place, but honestly, they don't. You may not feel that you're up to par with what you should be communicating, and it will no doubt plague your confidence. If you want to shake things up and ensure that you are able to get the upper hand in any conversation, work on these skills with simple techniques. The following will help you not only build your conversation skills, but it will help your dating life go a lot smoother.

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