Taking Your Time Makes a Guy Fall in Love


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We all work hard to impress a Love Commands Review love interest at the beginning and do everything we can to hide our faults. As we get comfortable with each other, we slack off in our efforts.Writing a love letter to someone in your life is not an easy task to complete. The majority of people fill their page full of emotional words, which at times can cloud the message you are trying to send. I have fell victim to this style of writing many times. I learned over the years that a clear mind and clear heart are vital perquisites for writing an effective love letter.


The first step you should take is understanding what this word "love" actually means. I am not going to into great detail about this because the subject, if discussed properly could take up a whole book. Some basic information one should know is that love goes beyond just a word and extends deeper than a mere feeling. Love is to be discovered and relearned everyday of your life. Take a second to read 1 Corinthians chapter 13 and you will found the truth behind one of the most commonly used words in the world.
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