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Ask for Patient Email Addresses Up Front 2. Always ask for a patient's email address when they come in for their initial visit and fill out their patient questionnaire and health information. If you have an existing patient who may not know about your e-newsletter, ask them for their email address (be sure to ask them for their Straight Bait permission on a separate form and have them sign it). Then, tell them that your newsletter is there to educate them as well as to give them special pricing not available to anyone other than subscribers. This is a great reason for them to sign up for your newsletter! Using these email communications to help your overall cosmetic surgery marketing ROI is easy, extremely effective, and educational.

Using Newsletters for Patient Referrals 3. Most likely, a huge percentage of your subscribers are current or past patients. In that case, use your e-newsletters to inform them of your referral rewards available to patients who tell others about you. Use a subtle graphic image that clicks in to a special page of your site. That page is crucial because it will contain focused information that is meant for patient referrals and the rewards that you offer. This keeps every click to that page relevant to what your subscriber wanted to see and thus increases the likelihood that they will start referring people - and that's when you see the tangible effects from your cosmetic surgery marketing efforts!How to Integrate Patient Referral Rewards into Your Newsletter .

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