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A muffle furnace is a large piece of a device which is designed to isolate the material from the fuel and all of the combustion products including flying ash and gasses. Presently electronic muffle furnaces with the high-temperature electric heating element are used instead of a standard model. Mostly two types of muffle furnace are available in market i.e front-loading box-type Kiln or oven for high-temperature application such as creating enamel coatings, fusing glass, soldering, ceramics and brazing articles.

Muffle furnace are also used in many research facilities like if a researcher wants to determine the proportion of a sample i.e how much portion is non-combustible and non-volatile. Now Muffle furnace comes with digital controllers that allow RS232 interface and allow the operator to program up to 126 segments, such as soaking, ramping, sintering, and more. This furnace also offers temperatures up to 1,800 degrees Celsius for more sophisticated metallurgical applications.

The kiln muffle furnace is also same as oven like muffle but it used thin, long and wide hollow tube for a roll to roll manufacturing processes. Both types of Muffle furnaces is heated to desired temperatures by convection, conduction, or blackbody radiation from electrical resistance heating elements. Due to this, there is no combustion involved in the system to control the temperature, which offers much greater control of temperature and material being heated from the byproducts of fuel combustion. In India, there are many Muffle furnace suppliers which deal with high quality of this unit. Just like muffle furnace laminar air flow horizontal is also useful laboratory equipment which is available in different shapes and sizes. As muffle furnace offers very high temperature so it is necessary to use some precautions while working on this device. Its temperature varies from 1200°C to 1800°C so a user can adjust the temperature according to the demand of sample. In the market there are many designs of muffle furnace are available but it was quite difficult to choose best one, so before buying this product must evaluate your needs. Always go for the best quality product because muffle furnace is used in many serious processes and for which good quality furnace is required.

It is very simple to use muffle furnace and it requires less maintenance. This furnace is made up of stainless steel having Cubed Chamber for Best Uniformity. The cooling fan inside the device maintains the temperature of the unit. New models of muffle furnace are featured with temperature monitoring and controller system and Programmable Ramp and Soak Controller. Some suppliers offer highly reliable designs of muffle furnace and their components are long-lasting. It is a quite expensive furnace as it is used in many serious processes. The cost of muffles furnaces is totally justified its potential as it is used in many sophisticated application that one normal furnace can not do.
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