How to Install Metatrader 4 on Linux


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Covalent bonding of futures pairs Fx Sniper is said to create the best trading system portfolio structure. After selecting the most stable individual futures parameters, one should create the optimal portfolio. Atoms share electrons to form molecules of a substance. This same covalent bonding process finds the trading system's most profitable futures, then tests all futures to find the best futures pair, and then the best possible futures for the optimal portfolio. Often the best futures (most profits divided by lowest draw-down) will not be part of the best futures pair. Covalent bonds share the daily equity runs so that when one futures or pair loses money, another futures or pair should gain equity. Adding the euro to T- Bonds, or Japanese yen to the British pound, may lower the combined maximum equity draw-down to a figure less than the maximum equity draw-down of either individual futures. This is the function of covalent bonding applied to optimal portfolio construction.

The optimal portfolio structure is completed when the percentage of individual futures equity gain increases less than percentage of maximum equity draw-down. Portfolio A makes $500,000 with a maximum equity draw-down of $25,000. Adding a new futures increases the profits by 10% to $550,000, buts also increases the equity draw-down from $25,000 to $30,000. While a $5,000 draw-down increase is small in comparison with a $50,000 increase, the futures should not be added, since it increases maximum equity draw-down by 20%. Adding more contracts of a futures already within the optimal portfolio, with less risk, may be safer than a risk increase of 20% for a gain of 10%. It is a little known or understood fact that some futures within a system portfolio may add up to four contracts, and successively lower the maximum equity draw-down while profits are increased with each addition.
So, in May 1989, with the Australian share market in the depths of a bear market, and real estate has just crashed, where do you put your money? Obviously in Japan (if you belong to the Flat Earth Society, as most do, and you know nothing about the underlying mood insight of the socioeconomist

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