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makeup but just makes everything was mostly I'm running out of space cosmetics by the way i'm not over minutes in i thought this was gonna be a quick video on this story ok these won't be any surprises both on the blog so i was now the limits a time this is labelled loon looks like that it's a lovely oil quit its organic it is what i would call okay with the makeup Loki would say this is a dupe for mainstream used to you or your daughter I'm not saying that the same i'm not saying it's the same extraction process but they are cold-pressed oils and it smells heavenly what i have found it really useful for is using on top of retinoid and different in the evenings and load more detail on the blog i will link it below I it's a really lovely oil actually actually that went in the Hall of Fame and it's okay i'm gonna say the two big ones with us this is the third from the US this is belief between green this and we go this is recommended to me by stephanie nicole step SF Nicole whatever you want to call a crazy lady I caller and we basically got a two days of our core shopping in LA and we did because market before and this is one of the products open at her recommendation i had already used a crowbar and I said it's ok bit to Silicon e for me and it wasn't but it was if you know what i mean and she said no you have to try this i'm going to show you how much I've used so don't be fooled by laveaderm the packaging runway look like a top hat but it's not that shape for the sound again hi I'm back it's straight down packaging now I don't think let's do the old like trick again I don't think this is going to let me but this will sue they go look at that this will soon be an empty the best way of putting it and this is hydrating smoothing softening and the reason I like it is that it's simple but it does what it says I'm not as you know if you're a longtime readers blood I'm not all bells and whistles any moisturizer or bells and whistles go in the middle of the parade the tail end of the parade in the beginning of the parade away you don't have to go crazy it's just a really good hydrating moisturizer that doesn't cost a fortune have wanted to say this was about $ I could be completely also because I'll be completely candid at same time mr. Harris doesn't watch this I would like a woman possessed shopping with death as she will attempt to between the detox market and before I spent a lot of money and i'm not saying that like I've spent so much money it's my job I my job is my life and my life has become my job and I was shopping and I get to you about it and that's the best part of it so that is there not have two left very simple ask very different they are both antiaging products similar again and how you use them different and how they deliver and it leads to this is no strata please focus me there we go Master retinol and this is different here's what you need to know this one I almost empty anyways that this one is a two percent if memory serves to spend less annoyed from their startups nanostructure is my auction a lot going to get comfy and settle into this part near structure is one of my favorite clinical rounds i think they are head and shoulders above everyone else in terms of efficacy price point they can just say it how it is they generally have case studies for things they do clinical trials again I think before so i put on that below this was then you recognize that came out last year now it quite intense what you use this for is obviously anyone over the age of should be using retinol every single day when you can build up to it when you can build up to it i went in hardcore was thinking my usual arrogance i'll be far home i've been using this product for years it quite intense and I got the peeling stage i would get repeating state and I stop and see how long it takes to sort of calm down and then I did it again and gotomeeting stage and powered through it works it doesn't don't start here though this is not for you if you're a beginner people say it is i would say there is something there's miles of things on the market and better places you to start speaking of better places to start now differing

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