How to Lose Weight


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Lean Belly Breakthrough

It is normal to feel hungry in between meal times, and this makes people snack more. It is important that you choose healthy snacks instead of the fatty fried ones. When you want to snack on a sweet thing, you can take fruits or dark chocolate, and this curbs the craving due to the insulin resistance lowering flavonoids. Processed foods have high fat; sugar and calorie content in them and are very addictive, so stay away from them if you are on one week weight loss program.

As you lose weight, it is important to eat healthy, balanced meals at all times. Proteins are taken in high quantity as they help the body to burn calories when they are being digested each day. A high protein diet makes you full for longer and reduces your appetite hence you get to eat foods that have low calories. You may also eat large servings of vegetables and fruits as they are extremely healthy and have fewer calories.

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