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Osteoporosis – A Major Factor to Consider At The Right Age to Overcome Compressed Fractures

article What is Osteoporosis, why it gets diagnosed? It is a kind of bone diseases, it happens when a person loses mineral density in bones. Resulting bones become weak and may break from minor fall as well. Though people look healthy they may have this osteoporosis problem; that the structure of the bone becomes abnormal. At the age of 50 or older it is good to visit doctor and have a check up and ask more about bone density problems. Symptoms for Osteoporosis: Osteoporosis starts unknowingly and silently in the body, we may not diagnose ourselves until we have a bone fracture. However, it is always good to know about osteoporosis symptoms to overcome serious complications. A few osteoporosis signs that can warn you: • Sever pain in wrist, hip and spine • Height ... Read more

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