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7 Ways Maids of Honor Can Delegate Tasks to Bridesmaids

Being a maid of honor is truly a role of a lifetime. You transform into the bride's right hand gal pal, helping her with the true ins and outs of wedding planning and wedding fun. But along the way, you may notice that your list of tasks is growing as long as a family of five's weekly grocery list and you just can't do it all on your own. That's okay, you shouldn't! Here are seven ways you can delegate some of your maid of honor tasks to members of the bridal party. 1. Send Out a Giant To-Do List Once you've jotted down a master to-do list of all of your maid-of-honor tasks, you can send it out in an email to the other bridesmaids and ask them to take on a few tasks that they are interested in, whether it's researching hotels for the bachelorette party or coming up with fun... Read more

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