From lightning bolts to Stan Smiths


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From lightning bolts to Stan Smiths: this week’s fashion trends

Going up

Giorgio’s Armani’s members’ club now every Thursday in Milan. Oh to be this cool at 82.

Lightning bolts Very 2017. Leave them as comments under your favourite Insta posts, or wear tiny Astley Clarke sparklers in your ears.

Gingham and ruffles Find it in Preen’s Studio for Debenhams line. Good timing. Since their AW17 collection, we’re in love with their subversive femininity all over again.

Berets Fairly impractical and not terribly warm, but early spring is your window to wear one (see Janelle Monáe’s red one).

The Buddy Holly Maestro Watch The price is eye-watering, but the second hand with Holly’s signature specs makes it worth saving for.

Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner Big Nando’s fans, appaz. This makes us like them.

Going down

Lipstick In its place: lipsticks. You need at least three of them, to get the perfect shade. Little French trick we picked up en vacances.

Floral garlands Replace with actual flowers in your hair, à la Lana Del Rey in the Love video.

Stan Smiths Over. Our white trainers are chunkier. See Reebok Club C.

Daddy The new power slogan, as seen at Henry Holland, Rachel Antonoff and on Kim K’s instagram. Paging Freud…

Hygge It’s all about hygge hybrids, as seen on the catwalks – think athleisure hygge at Max Mara and glam hygge at Marques’Almeida.

Shoulder-robing Being rebranded, again, as shrobing. It’s not practical.

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