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Chinese scholars parsing cancer-promoting protein structure PNAS

Recently, researchers at Moffitt Cancer Center have developed a new method to determine the MDMX protein in a previously unknown structure. MDMX control p53 (in cancer most commonly mutated gene) is a key regulatory protein. p53 tumor suppressor gene is known, can be kept intact and no mutation by ensuring DNA, and to protect the body against tumor development. If p53 DNA damage is detected, it will stimulate the cells to repair their DNA, or the cells stop growing and undergo cell death. Given its function, p53 is commonly referred to as "guardian of the genome." p53 mutations, may inhibit its function and lead to the development of cancer. It is estimated that more than half of all cancers have p53 mutations. Although the P53 so important, too much p53 activity may also damage ce... Read more

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