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How to Hack your Squeezebox (no Logitech Remote Required!)

article   I've been working on a Smart Home system and one of the key features I wanted was whole-house audio (music in every room). Whole-house audio receivers are expensive, require lots of in-wall wiring, and doesn't provide the level of features I wanted. Sonos, a wireless music system, is the best option, but it has two problems: (1) it's too expensive for my current system-testing budget and (2) it's not open-source, which makes it difficult to custom program (doable, just difficult). The Sonos prices are as follows: Remote Control - $400 Cradle for Remote - $40 Unamped Receiver - $350 Amped Receiver - $500 (55w per channel) Wireless Bridge - $100 (for expanding into far-away areas) So the minimum system you could get away with would cost $750 (1 Remote Contr... Read more

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Distributer: Shannon Clark

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