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Biomass Power Plant Capacity

article The most common size of biomass power plants varies from industry to industry. In the sugar sector, for example, the most common power plant capacities are 15–40 MW, while in the palm oil sector the range is 5–15 MW and in the rice sector it is 5 MW or 10 MW. In wood industries, the typical size is 5 MW or 10 MW and in multi-fuel-fired projects the size ranges from 5 MW to 20 MW. Smaller size power plant projects of less than 3 MW are not being tried much these days. Due to economies of scale the unit cost of investment ($/MW installed) for smaller scale projects is generally higher than that of a 10 MW scale project. As a result, such power plants are mostly viable only if replacing expensive diesel generation. Power Plants In Water Scarce Areas A typical 10 MW power plant re... Read more

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