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In general, men and women will experience hair loss in men and hair loss at an early age, however, starts at about age 50. It is not uncommon. Some of the events related to the causes of hair loss and baldness all fully understand, but. The main role of hormones and genes appear bald. Some medications, and CREE Nutrition Hair Growth even depression can cause temporary baldness, but the hair loss treatment for this type of stress or depression, you are usually parked. Male hormones called androgens, and some testosterone, can cause atrophy of hair follicles. This is why a greater extent than it affects men and women baldness.

Female hormones of estrogen that can cause hair loss, and it reduces the amount of return is higher. For this reason women experience hair loss after menopause, it is not uncommon. Race also plays a role in the rise of baldness is genetic and learned. This hair loss is common in some families and others, can be seen through the fact. Appearance and texture, hair density, and the race can vary as much as the tendency toward baldness. While not enough studies, African hair and hair type that looks like the Caucasus knows that the type of hair loss rates. Still poorly understood genetic programming that lead to hair loss.

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