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Beppe Grillo’s M5S is a Scientology-style cult

<CENTER><IMG border=1 alt="Nick-Farell---caption-should-read-'Virginia-Raggi'---GETTY-" src="http://cdn.spectator.co.uk/content/uploads/2016/06/Nick-Farell-caption-should-read-Virginia-Raggi-GETTY-.jpg" width=620 height=413></CENTER> <P>Tom Cruise is an exceptionally beautiful American man with an invincible smile, but he is a member of a cult called Scientology. Virginia Raggi is an exceptionally beautiful Italian woman with an invincible smile but she is a member of a cult called the MoVimento Cinque Stelle (M5S). I understand the attraction of cults in a world in which God has disappeared and our lives are so boringly bad and our political systems worse. But I have yet to come across a cult that does not engender disastrous mental problems.</P> <P... Read more

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Easy the appearance of stubborn first-class traces, and help you “acquire visibly younger looking skin.” With Prodroxatone Serum's “step forward formulation,” you’ll also be capable of deliver entire collagen molecules in your pores and skin—versus the fragments found in other anti-getting old products, which also can help put off the appearance of darkish circles, lessen the advent of wrinkles, decorate pores and skin hydration, and counter the results of pressure. All of this without invasive surgical procedure, painful injections, or pricey laser remedies! Here’s the reality: In our opinion, as soon as you brush away all of the marketing hype surrounding Prodroxatone, we don’t think it’ll do a great deal more than depart you pissed off and nearly $a hundred poorer. But we’re basing our opinion on experience and information, all of which we’ll cowl in this assessment. http://israelbigmarket.com/prodroxatone-serum-review/
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