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For unlike so many other products DasGro Hair Formula that are out on the market today, MegaThik is fully aware of the fact that the primary causes of hair loss in most people is due to a combination of four factors: unusually high DHT levels, low blood circulation to the scalp and the hair follicles in particular, clogged hair follicles and finally a general state of nutritional deficiency in the scalp area.
Armed with this knowledge, MegaThik has seen fit to focus the bulk of its approach into addressing these particular concerns.
DHT is particularly harmful in that it works most of its damage by bonding with the hair follicles. Attaching itself to the receptors that can be found at the base of every hair follicle, DHT serves to keep the hair follicle from receiving its due supply of blood and consequently oxygen. This has the unfortunate effect of stunting the growth of each new succeeding follicle until the hair strand is too weak to maintain its hold, eventually leading to hair loss
The low circulation issue is addressed by the MegaThik hair cleanser, which uses a unique blend of Capsicum and Rosemary extracts to dramatically increase blood circulation to the hair follicles. The addition of Propagain serves to increase the beneficial effects further by not only blocking DHT, but also by enhancing the circulation of blood through the capillaries in the scalp.
What about the clogged hair follicles you ask? MegaThik Shampoo takes care of that problem by cleansing the scalp of any build-ups that are already present, as well as keeping dead skin cells
As to the nutritional deficiency the MegaThik Growth Serum addresses that adequately by directly "feeding" the hair follicle, providing it with maximum support for quick regrowth.
If you suffer from male pattern baldness there is a way to stop it and regrow your hair. It's stated that 3 out of 5 men experience some form of hair loss some time in their lives. There are many treatments for baldness all claiming to stop male pattern baldness but fail to deliver their promises. Certain prescription drugs have been created to help with male pattern baldness but have sexual side effects and the like. Informercials take up late night channel space claiming to promote a cure for baldness but leave many with empty pockets and broken promises. With all of this what can you do to stop your male pattern baldness

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