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What to Bring When Visiting Your Child in the Hospital

article Kids are always running around and getting themselves into trouble. They are full of energy, but often a bit clumsy, which isn’t the best combination. This means you will be spending a lot of time cleaning up cuts and putting ice on bruises, but it can also mean a long stay at the hospital. Many children also suffer from illnesses that have them bedridden for weeks at a time. A child can quickly get bored and will feel alienated in a sterile hospital environment, away from their parents, siblings and friends. You will have to plan your visits and prepare carefully if you want to make the whole experience easier on the child. There are certain things you can bring to make the hospital stay more bearable and to ensure that the child doesn’t become bored and depressed. These will ... Read more

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His Secret Obsession

We are living in the day and age where getting into a relationship and breaking up has become more or less of a trend. We are in the age where the divorce rate is all time high and people struggle to stick to one relationship for too long.

This is the reason why you must know how to keep a relationship strong at all costs before it's too late.This series profiles each of the "9 Things You Simply Must Do to succeed in love and life" by Dr. Henry Cloud. We've already covered Part.

This article focuses on discovering or unearthing: the hidden potential that lies in each one of us, as well as the pains and hurts that prevent us from becoming successful. We need to 'dig up' this treasure and invest ourselves in it.

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