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Why to use a skylight filter for a camera

article A skylight camera filter is one of the best investments you can make for your camera lenses. This camera filter is made to filter out the UV rays from your photographs while letting normal light in. Why should you care about UV rays? UV rays are light rays in the non-visible spectrum and natural sunlight is abundant in UV light which is why you have to put on sunscreen on sunny days. Though they are not visible, UV rays make photos look like they have a blue haze and distort some picture slightly. So a skylight filter can greatly improve the clarity of pictures that are taken at high altitudes or of distant horizons which can be affected by UV light. Some may be confused by the difference between a skylight filter and a UV filter. A skylight filter differs slightly from a UV filt... Read more

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honeymoon package andaman

One of the most predominant attractions of Kerala honeymoon tours is breathtakingly beautiful beaches of the state. The state is several beautiful beaches dotted with palm coconut trees which make it an ideal honeymoon spot for honeymooners and newly-wedded couples. Beaches of Kerala have been famous honeymoon spot since ages. They have a cool and pleasant environment and create a right romantic ambiance for honeymooners and newly wedded couples. Hold the hand of your spouse in your hand and have leisurely walk on the breathtaking beaches of Kerala or sit down under the palm coconut trees and say sweet nothing in the ear of your spouse. Truly, every activity on the beaches of Kerala will be a unique and pleasant experience.

Backwaters of Kerala are also very famous among honeymooners form all over the world. Backwaters add a special charm to honeymoon in Kerala. Backwaters are the wide network of lagoons, lakes and canals. One of the best ways to experiencing beautiful backwaters is residing at houseboats. Kerala houseboats provide wonderful opportunity to see the lush green landscapes and green rice fields of the state. Celebrate your honeymoon on the luxurious houseboat of Kerala. Floating over breathtakingly beautiful backwaters, houseboat takes you and your spouse totally in other world where you will experience serenity and an ideal romantic ambiance for your Kerala honeymoon holidays.

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