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The secrets of Apple's retail success

article Apple's retail stores have grown into a multi-million dollar business due to its strict employee guidelines and thoughtful attention to minute details, like the music used on demo machines. The Wall Street Journal took a close look at Apple's retail operations and identified the secret sauce that has led to the company's retail success. These closely-guarded methods include: Strict control over its employees: Apple employees are not allowed to discuss rumors with customers, and technicians are not allowed to mention any glitches. If you are caught writing about the company on the internet, you will be fired. Tardiness is not tolerated, and employees who are six minutes late to work more than three times in six months can be let go. &nb... Read more

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A Building Inspection is a review performed by a building inspector, a man who is utilized by either a city, township or province and is typically affirmed in at least one controls qualifying them to make proficient judgment about whether a building meets construction regulation necessities.
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