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Strict diet and lose body force in a short time

Strict diet and lose body force in a short time more than 10 weight% of the former, it may lead to various diseases. regulation systems in the body do not have time to respond to such changes. The normal vitapulse to lose 1-2 kg per month. If you manage to throw a couple of kilos, do not try to lose weight in the future. It is better to try to keep your weight for a while at this level. How to lose weight for intelligent people who want to lose weight properly It is possible that you want to achieve weight loss is too sudden for too short a time. Weight Loss - a lengthy process. Too rapid weight loss is not safe for health. Remember, achieving an ideal weight - a task unrealistic and vitapulse unnecessary. Weight loss in the 5 to 10% of the original is already leading to a sig... Read more

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