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smash glass just like the Uzi

the Impormpu Tactical pen can smash glass just like the Uzi, however has so much much less complexity to it, making this choice much less difficult to store and elevate around with out humans pondering you’re some variety of white-collar Survivorman.First off, the pen labels you a “tuff writer” which is badass in and of itself. Defender X Tactical Pen pen additionally promises customers the useless ability to write in temperatures of -30 to 250 degrees Farenheit, within the slight risk you’re in a near-lethal circumstance (both frozen or completely melted) with the unexpected urge to jot down your memoirs.This pen is made out of plane grade anodized aluminum, for crying out loud. If that’s no longer enough to comfy your purchase, it’s also some of the more understated tactic... Read more

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