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Focus your skin care regiment onto your legs Parisian Glow Cuts and scratches on your lower legs take a while to heal and they are vulnerable to infection Parisian Glow Using a moisturizer can help prevent small openings from forming and shaving with a razor that has moisture strips, can also be beneficial sure you don't get yourself into any reckless behavior A part of keeping your skin healthy is making sure you don't bruise or scrape your skin Some scars take awhile to heal, you don't want to be stuck with a scar that is going to take months to heal, just be respectful towards your body way to keep your skin looking younger longer is to avoid excess sugar in your diet Excess sugar can actually promote premature age signs like wrinkles Sugar can be the cause of damage to your natural collagen level, which results in a loss of skin elasticity and causes your skin to sag manner in which you wash your face, believe it or not, can contribute to skin issues Because hot water can strip much-needed oil from your skin, it's best to wash your face with lukewarm water To retain as much moisture as possible for soft, supple skin, lightly pat your face dry with a towel you are one of the millions of people who must endure the pain and unsightly redness associated with atopic dermatitis, try drinking oolong tea A 2001 study showed that atopic dermatitis suffers who consumed one liter or more of oolong tea noticed significant improvements in the appearance and texture of their skin
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