7 Top Strains of Probiotics


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and has a cardiac Super Flora Probiotics sphincter muscle at the opening. This muscle further pushes the bolus (chewed food) into the stomach from the gullet. Once all the bolus is transported, the muscle closes and the stomach begins its process of churning the food. Gastric juices and are released in the stomach which aid in the further digestion of the bolus. Hydrochloric acid is also released during the process of digestion which helps break the protein molecules into peptides. The stomach wall has an inner lining that secretes peritoneal fluid and mucus to protect the stomach cavity from erosion due to the presence of gastric juices and acid. The pancreas is a small leaf-like gland located below the stomach. This exocrine gland secretes digestive (in the pancreatic fluid), through the duct into the small intestine to assist in the digestion of chyme (partly digested food).
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