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What are shade sails?

Made of canvas-like outdoor fabric, a shade sail is a quick way to get a cool outdoor space where there is no porch, trees, or other structure to provide shade. The shades are reinforced to prevent wind damage. Sail shades come in different shapes. The shape of the sail depends on personal preference. Some are triangular with three sides, while others have at least four sides. Once it is decided where the sails will be placed, they are usually custom ordered to fit the location. A homeowner can purchase mounting hardware and other parts needed to complete the installation from the manufacturer, or these items may be included at no extra charge. After the attachment points are put into place, a homeowner can usually assemble the sail and put it together in the backyard within a few hours.

Shade Sails

The following items are needed to complete the installation of a shade sail:

-Post-hole digger

How to install a shade sail

The first step in installing the sail is to find the attachment points for the sail cloth. Some homeowners prefer attaching the cloths to the back of the dwelling at two to three points and then attaching it to a post or tree some distance from the house. Note that the sail will be smaller by at least 12 inches from the attachment points in each direction.
Next, the attachment points should be install on the house. There are several hardware options for mounting the sail. Depending on the hardware selected, it may be attached to the corner of the house with a corner bracket and lag bolts. The sail can be attached to a rafter by using rafter bolts. By using a long bracket and lag bolts sails can be attached to wall studs, or attached to a door header or above a window using a four-hole pad eye and lag bolt. A six-inch eyebolt can be used to attached to the sail to galvanized posts.

It is important to follow the instructions for the hardware that comes with the sail, so that the attachment hardware will be mounted properly. This assures that the structure will be secure and withstand heavy winds. If a post is to be used as an attachment point away from the house, the post hole should be dug to one third (1/3) the length of the finished post. To stabilize the post in the ground and anchor it, gravel and concrete are placed in the hole with the post. The shade sail package should include instructions on how to properly fill the hole with gravel and concrete to make it secure.

Once the attachment points are put in place, loosen the turnbuckles to the most open position by unscrewing them. Attach one shackle end of each turnbuckle to an attachment point, and attach the other end to the sail. Follow this procedure to connect the sail to each attachment point. If needed, the distance from the turnbuckle to the sail may be extended with chain. A convenient aspect of the turnbuckle is that it allows you to tighten the sail and needed simply by turning the turnbuckle.

Another piece of hardware that will be used is a D-Shackle. A D-shackle is a looped piece of hardware in the shape of a “U” with two threaded holes at the end of the “U.” These holes allow a pin to be threaded in that allows tightening or loosening the role to extend the sail it a distance to attach it to a tree or pole. The D-shackles are used at the house side attachment points. A low stretch polyester rope is used on the post side. The manufacturer should include instructions for attachment and use of the D-shackles.
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