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How To Repair A Damaged Pull Cord On Your Blinds

Has the pull cord of your blinds ever become stuck, preventing you from opening or closing the slats? Not only is this problem when you want to allow sunlight to filter through into the room, it also prevents you from keeping out the prying eyes of your neighbours. Fortunately, there is a way to repair your blinds’ damaged pull cord. Step 1: Remove the cap in the bottom rail of your blinds(you should be able to pry it away using your fingers) and look into the hole beyond for the end of the cord and pull it towards you. Step 2: If the cord has become tangled and you have been unsuccessful in your attempts to smooth it out, cut it off above and below the knot. If the cord has been severed, you will not need to cut it at all. Step 3: Light one end of the cord on fire. Imm... Read more

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