Need Technical Support to unblock my Gmail account


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Sometimes your Gmail account gets blocked due to any reason. In order to unblock your Gmail account you need to apply a few steps. But before applying these steps don’t get panic as these processes somehow takes time. If your Gmail account is locked and you are looking for the reasons why your account gets blocked and you are looking for the ways through which you can unlock your Gmail account, then this piece of write up will help you in to get complete help on how to unblock my Gmail account fix this issue.
Here in this piece of write up you will get complete information about how you can fix this problem of Gmail. As your Gmail account is so much important for you and as it comprises your important photos, mails, and other data.

In case your account got hacked then you need to know the complete reasons why your account is blocked.

• In case your account gets locked due to ineffective attempts of sign in to a Gmail account.
• If Google finds some suspicious activity from your account due to which your account gets compromised.
• If you forgot your account password then it also gets blocked.
In order to this if you request Google to unblock your account then it also takes 3-5 business days to recovery email address.

How to fix the issue?
Simply you need to open your Internet browser through which you can use your Gmail website.
After this you need to Need Help?
You will get an appropriate option.
You will be offered with many options.

In case you don't Know your Password
• Type your account username or email address.
• Enter the characters which you have seen and then click to continue.
• Enter the security questions and then click to Continue.
• If you are not able to remember your Gmail security answer then it’s best to hit on the password reset link.
• That link will be send to your Gmail alternate mail.
• Lastly click to Continue.
You can also use don’t know your username then you can apply the following steps:
• Simply click on “I don't know my username” ant tap to proceed.
• Now type the proper sequence in the fields then tap to Submit.
• You can also enter the CAPTCHA text in the image and then tap to Verify.
• Lastly click to Submit.

In case you still are not able to unblock your Gmail account then you need to simply dial a toll-free Gmail tech support and get assured solutions instantly.
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