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Here are the facts about Mr. Gopal Kundra

Mr. Gopal Kundra was born on 5th February and is the founder as well as Chief Executive officer of Kundra Investments that is located in Arizona, in USA. Kundra Investments deals mainly with investments in Business, Industrial and Medical Buildings in USA. Education and Early Life: Mr. Kundra attended Prita Lee Lesson School in one of the most reputed Colleges in Kapurthala city, Punjab, India. He acquired his Bachelor and Master Degree in Commerce from the GND University and HP University, India. Mr.Gopal Kundra is an overall pleasing personality and has great network of opportunities at global as well as local level. With his residence in Arizona, he remains as a person with intellectual educational background. Mr. Kundra is also known for his intellectual talks as he has ac... Read more

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