Tinnitus Symptoms and Management


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If you are to successfully discover how to treat Tinnitus, you should first understand a few basic details relating to this infuriating disorder. Tinnitus is not a condition itself - it's a symptom of an underlying condition and often pertains to the depressing perception of hearing noises when no external sound is present and heard only by the sufferer.

How well your hearing aids will work and perform has a lot to do with your hearing aid battery. Don't let yours wear out too quickly and diminish the quality of your sound. Here's a few frequently asked questions and helpful care tips that can help you maximize its life, keeping your sound quality crisp and clear, and your volume and noise control operating efficiently.

You barely put your head to the pillow at night and those high-pitched noises come back to invade your peace of mind. The constant whistling-hissing sound drives you mad. It is annoying because not being able to sleep night-after-night you wake up feeling tired, dazed and fuzzy. It is called "ringing in ears" or tinnitus in medical jargon.


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