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Obsession with appearing younger than you actually are has become an extremely common occurrence in today’s time. This has resulted in an upswing of cosmetic procedures trying to reverse the ageing process, or at least try and make it look like we humans can cheat the aging process on the outside of our bodies. It’s no surprise that men as well as women are seeking ways toenhance their appearance for personal and professional reasons. Today with medical advancements a large number of treatments and surgeries are available starting from hair to toe for a sort of time-reversal, and combating the ageing process has no longer been confined only to dreams.
Since it’s a relatively new concept, men and women looking for these corrective measures aren’t very clear about the difference between a cosmetologist and a cosmetic surgeon, or a beautician and an esthetician, or even a trichologist and a dermatologist. It’s like the confusion between a Resort Spa and Destination Spa, for once you feel like they’re the same but only if you are frequent vacationer, pamperologist or a spa owner do you really know the difference between the two.
Let us give you a clear guide and insight into various beauty terminologies to decide what kind of treatment deals with which kind of beautification and corrective procedure and the kind of experts involved in the same.

Cosmetic Enhancements and Surgeries by Surgeons
Today beauty has become a new indicator of social worth. Beauty enhancement is a way of reinstating a youthful appearance via surgery.
“Aesthetic Surgery” is a rejuvenating process, which is mostly performed on the face to modify the signs of aging. Refinement of facial features is also undertaken at the same time, and the previous youthful beauty is restored.
On the contrary, “Transformative Surgery” changes the facial features like refining of a large nose. Other age related procedures are liposuction, eyelid rejuvenation, facelifts, brow lifts, chemical peels, dermabrasion where superficial layers of skin corroded by using wire brush/ diamond wheel with rough edges, and laser resurfacing where superficial layer of skin is vaporized removing wrinkles and lines, leaving the new skin to grow, etc.

Other forms of facial rejuvenation being “injectibles” such as collagen, which is used to remove lines around the mouth for example, restalayne and hyalaform helps giving a fuller look to lips by plumping out the wrinkles, Botox an injection of a muscle paralyzing toxin that blocks impulses from nerves to muscles related to expression lines to slow down the process of skin aging.

Dermatology by Dermatologists
The study, research and diagnosis of disorders, diseases, aging or cosmetic conditions of hair, skin, nails, oral and mucous as well as genital membranes is Dermatology. Disorders of these body parts are managed through investigations and therapies that include histopathology, immunotherapy, laser therapy, medication, phototherapy, radiotherapy and surgery including some cosmetic procedures.
The skin is the largest organ of the body, covering a total area of around 20 square feet in an adult. It is the first line of defense against bacteria and injury, and often reflects the overall health of the body.
Acne, dermatitis, eczema, fungal infections, hair disorders, nail problems, psoriasis, skin cancer and vitiligo are some common types of dermatological disorders.

Trichology by Trichologists
A medical term used for structure, function and diseases related to human hair and scalp. Few reasons to consult a trichologist can be hair loss and male pattern baldness being the most common type. Trichology is a specialization taken ahead of Dermatology.
Other problems of the scalp ranging from dandruff to more inflammatory conditions can be symptomatic of variation in metabolism like stress, poor diet or allergies to certain food, but again they’re all covered under treatments from a Trichologist including hair texture problems caused by over exposure to heat or strong chemicals.
Additional services like advising the right type of medicines or shampoos to be used for certain disorders or advising on the need for hair transplant and hair replacement.

Cosmetology by Beauticians
Study and application of beauty treatments ranging from hairstyling, skin care, cosmetics, manicures, pedicures, laser treatments and electrologythat iselectrical epilation to remove human hair permanently.
Cosmetologists, also known as beauticians are the experts taking care of hair, makeup and skin. They are the experts who take care of the needs of an individual starting from hair colour, straightening, extension, flawless makeup application to appealing manicures and pedicures. They take care of your temporary outer beautification and transformation for personal and professional reasons.

They are the licensed professionals, who’s expertise lies in the area of Epidermis that is the outer layer of the skin. They work in different environments of salons, medical spas, day spas, skin care clinics and also as private practitioners. They specialize in machine treatments such as micro dermabrasion that is the use of micro crystals to remove the dry and dead outermost skin cells, micro current that is non-surgical face lifts, cosmetic electrotherapy treatments and mechanical massages.

Estheticians undergo special trainings such as laser hair removal, permanent make up, light chemical peels, eyelash extensions and electrology.
So ladies and gentleman, fasten your seat belts for a whole new rejuvenating journey; traveling back in time to reinstate the beauty and youth, which seems to have deserted you!
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