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It is important to be free from the issues that you face in your life no matter what the situation is. Similarly if you tend to face any sort of problem onto your life then make sure that you get over it soon without any further delay to it. There are disorders that people tend to face. A human has to have some issue in his life which could be due to any reason. Men these days or since a long time are said to be the backbone of the house and are said to be the main and crucial part of our family. Being the head of the family they do have certain burden over their heads. It could be due to any possible reason such as due to the work load at their office or some problem related to unemployment, final issues, problems in their day to day life due to relationships, etc. Sometimes we are unaware that how badly some issue can affect our health and lead to some serious health issues. In that manner itself these issues like stress leads the man to sexual disorders in his life.

What is the possible sexual disorder faced by the men?
Men usually are the ones who probably do not share anything with their friends or mates and keep things till them but that is not a good thing. But when the problem itself is quite embarrassing then the man cannot really talk about it to anyone. One such issue that is quite disturbing and is making the man embarrassed is impotence. Impotence is also called by the name of erectile dysfunction by many people. It is an issue which affects the erections of the man. When the person is facing this problem he usually tends to be a victim of improper erections that are said to be faced while having an intercourse with the partner. Erectile dysfunction is said to be only faced by the men. There are some reasons that lead the man to erectile dysfunction.

What are the possible reasons due to which the man faces erectile dysfunction?
There are some of the reason which are said to be the reason for erectile dysfunction. Firstly for the man to face proper erections it is essential to have proper blood flow to the penis. When that does not happen the man tends to face erectile dysfunction. There is certain enzyme with the name PDE-5 that makes the blood not to flow to his penis so that the reason for the man not to be facing proper erections.

What is Viagra generic all about?
Generic Viagra 100mg for sale online basically aims at curing erectile dysfunction from the man. It helps the man to fight with erectile dysfunction and makes them to be free from that for a temporary period of time. It carries the component by the name of Sildenafil citrate that makes the blood flow proper and erections firm enough.

What is the dosage of the pill Generic Viagra?
Cheap viagra generic 100mg usa must be taken by the man for about 45 minutes before having sex. It is quite essential if the men have to face proper erections when making love.
Storage. The medicine must be stored properly at room temperature and away from kids and sunlight.
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