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What is Muffle Furnace

A muffle furnace is a large piece of a device which is designed to isolate the material from the fuel and all of the combustion products including flying ash and gasses. Presently electronic muffle furnaces with the high-temperature electric heating element are used instead of a standard model. Mostly two types of muffle furnace are available in market i.e  front-loading box-type Kiln or oven for high-temperature application such as creating enamel coatings, fusing glass, soldering, ceramics and brazing articles. Muffle furnace are also used in many research facilities like if a researcher wants to determine the proportion of a sample i.e how much portion is non-combustible and non-volatile. Now Muffle furnace comes with digital controllers that allow RS232 interface and allow...


How Laboratory Refrigerators Are Used in the Lab

A laboratory refrigerators have a necessary function and it is used to cool blood samples, plasma samples and vaccines for preservation. Mainly, refrigerators are used to store vaccines at a temperature between 5 to 15-degree celsius. Some laboratory refrigerators offer much low temperature to store biological samples and human organs. Cryogenic freezing is one of the popular laboratory freezers which is best for special samples which require much low temperature. This freezer is fallen under the category of ultra-low-temperature freezers and offer -50 degrees C and below temperature. Ultra low freezer uses dual compressor cascade type system to reach low temperature. The first composer of this device is to provide temperature around -40 degrees C, after that second composer push to ach...


Benefits of Cold Storage Equipment

All over the world cold storage equipment is an indispensable part of health care and food industries. Most of the hospitals and research centers require storage facilities to prevent medicines, injections and blood cells, diagnostic kits, serum samples and others from germs and fungus. With an increase in the demand for storage facilities in hospitals and other warehousing logistics, its demand is increased all over the globe. There are different shapes and sizes of cold storage equipment are available in the market. In present days many new features are also introduced into the device to make it more reliable and user-friendly. The temperatures of cold storage devices are automatically adjustable and it consumes less electricity as compared to the previous one. There are many man...