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Vatican's 10 Commandments to Motorists - Be Courteous and Drive Safely

Given to Moses in the context of his people's Exodus from Egypt, the context in which the Commandments were delivered is particular interesting. While Moses descended from Mount Sinai where he received the messages, the tablets represented a moral imperative in the context of a larger quest for certainty - the Commandments, in turn, formed a covenant that came to symbolize the commitment of early monotheism to a broadly accepted moral framework. Love Commands Review In this context, the legacy of the Ten Commandments can be seen as paving the way for the equality toward that law and the ethical precepts that have come to define modern Western society. Not only did the Commandments help solidify an emerging monotheism, but it established a larger singularity of purpose and idea...


How to Show Him You Love Him Without Sex

Since the birth of humanity, women have been known for their enduring strength and selfless love. Throughout history and across nations there are many live examples of incredible achievements earned by women around the world.  Love Commands Review To celebrate the achievements and significant contributions of women to humanity and the world, International Women's Day is held annually on March 8. Here are the names of some most commanding and courageous women in the world: Angela Merkel born on July 17, 1954 in Hamburg, West Germany, is believed to be the most powerful female politician in the world. She completed her education in doctorate of Physics and later on took a new turn in life that led to politics. She is famous for many of her achievements and significant contr...


Three Powerful Protein Sources That Will Incinerate Your Fat

How to lose fat is a burning question most of us obsess over. What to do about it occupy our minds and thought all the time. Something has to be done, but what? Let us start by looking at the problem, the reason why we are asking the question "how to lose fat?"  Fat Metrix System The fat cells in our bodies are made up of what we put in them. If we consume high fat foods and do not exercise then the fat cells fill up. There are magic chemical potions out there to help the body to lose fat and there is always surgery. The most effective way to control what is in the fat cells, and how our bodies look and feel as a result, is to control what we eat and how much we exercise. How to lose fat can be as easy as choosing not to eat high fat foods. We can also speed this up by dr...


The Spa Experience - Fun and Comfort For One and All

Purchase discount spa gift certificates. There are two ways to purchase spa certificates: One is to visit your favorite spa and purchase a gift certificate for an appropriate amount. Make sure to ask at the front desk or visit the website to see if there are any current specials you should know about. Bollywood Dance Classes in Chennai The second option is to purchase a spa gift certificate online. Various websites exist for booking appointments in different parts of the country, or you can use the nationwide option, called Spafinder, which sells gift certificates online that can then be redeemed (by yourself or a gift reciepient) at thousands of spas across the United States. Throughout the year, you can occasionally find coupon codes to help you save a certain dollar am...


Operation Babylift Is Largest Rescue Effort in History

It was a sparkling late afternoon in April 1975. Abruptly the news flashes raced across the base: A U.S. Air Force C-5A Galaxy transport plane carrying 243 Vietnamese orphans had gone down shortly after leaving Tan Son Nhut airfield, near Saigon. Air Force officials feared sabotage. Pacific Mattress Only a few of the adult passengers, including some U.S. Embassy personnel covertly leaving Vietnam, managed to make their way to the limited oxygen masks. The overcrowded transport plane should have been carrying no more than 100 children, rather than the 243 who had been loaded aboard. With enormous difficulty, the pilot managed to turn the plane around and crash-land two miles south of Tan Son Nhut, skidding 1,000 feet into a rice paddy. Nurses, volunteers and crew aboard, many i...