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Are there any guidelines for Freelance Network Engineer Career?

There is so no specific guidelines to be a freelance network engineer. But, here are few suggestions before you start your freelancing career. Start freelancing before quitting your job completely. Create an amazing portfolio. Mention your past experience, certification, and expertise. Level up your Skills. Make sure you have an impressive skill that is demand in the market. Determine your pricing. Don’t hesitate in negotiating (polite way) while dealing with the clients. And, you’ll be glad to know that FieldEngineer is a dedicated platform for telecom field engineers where more than 15,000+ engineers are available across 147 countries worldwide and more than 5000 jobs have been completed to date. So, join this largest hub of network engineer...


How Do Telecom Engineers Freelance?

In an age when we're constantly connected by the internet (thanks in part to the work of telecom engineers), the freelance market is exploding. Online freelance platforms make connecting with clients as simple as setting up a social media profile. The freedom that the lifestyle offers appeals to many: from Millennia’s who value experiences over stability, to parents who want more time with their kids. With freelance work so appealing and accessible, it's no surprise that the freelance marketplace now drives over a third of the American economy. Most of the popular platforms, however, like Fiverr and Upwork, are aimed at lower-skill and creative work. They don't pay what a freelance Telecom jobs Engineer or other professional deserves for their effort. So, in the past few years, t...


Complete Guide on Wireless LAN by FieldEngineer!

What is Wireless LAN? Wireless LAN’s or WLAN’s helps users to get connected to different devices using a wireless communication. WLAN denotes local area network as the communication can happen only within a limited area such as office building, colleges or house. Because of the ease of installation, WLAN is popular among everyone. The medium through which communication takes place in WLAN is less secure and can be eavesdrop by third parties. Hence, to make it a secure channel, the designers of WLAN have incorporated a method for encrypting the data. The encryption of the data helps in establishing a secure channel over the medium and thus difficult for third parties to overhear the messages. ...


Entry Level Jobs That Pay You Well in Engineering

Field Engineer – Field Engineers work in a variety of industries and generally spend a lot of time working in the field. Their roles & responsibilities include server maintenance, overseeing projects, fixing equipment’s, network evaluation and On-site and remote network and computer support. Finding online telecom jobs has become hassle-free with fieldengineer.com And, the average base salary for the job is ca. $69,530. Software Engineer – Software engineers work with product owners, programmers, designers, developers, QA, and so on, in order to deliver high-performance operational platform. And, the average base salary for the job is ca. $86,391 Network Engineer – Network engineers closely work with IT and Security team. They must have sound knowledge of...