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Types of Financial Statement Analysis

According to Nature of the Analyst and the Material External Analysis: It is made by those who do not have access to the detailed records of the company, like financial market trading tips researchers. This group, which has to depend almost entirely on published financial statements, includes investors, credit agencies, and governmental agencies regulating a business in a nominal way. The position of the external analyst has been improved in recent times owing to the government regulations requiring a business undertaking to make available detailed information to the public through audited accounts. Internal Analysis: The internal analysis is accomplished by those who have access to the books of accounts and all other information related to business. While conducting this anal...


Indian And International Stock Market: An Overview

In the present era of liberalization, privatization, and globalization, the international investments and diversification of portfolio internationally is an important issue, especially in the time period when stock markets are highly volatile. Normally, people invest in the stock market with the purpose of earning returns. An investor designs his portfolio through share market tips experts, in which he includes different stocks or group of stock on a sectoral basis to achieve his purpose of maximum returns with minimum risk. International diversification can be an option as the rationale behind this is that stock returns within a county can be highly correlated because of the similar environment but internationally 13 conditions can be different. On account of different factors like ...