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GUIDANCE TO INNER JOURNEY: FROM SOUL TO SUPREME SOUL The Agamas unveil the secrets and doctrines of the omniscient, ParmatmaMahavira. Shri Acharanga Sutra is the first Agama that illustrates the path to attain freedom from misery and pain by following a peaceful lifestyle that leads us towards spirituality. ParmatmaMahavira had spent 12 ½ years in deep meditation and gained complete control over all his senses i.e. mind, body and speech, thus attaining enlightenment. The knowledge that he experienced during the course of his meditation is illustrated in this sutra. The 1st sermon delivered by ParmatmaMahavira for the welfare of the people after enlightenment was through this sutra. There is an in-depth description about how the soul is a different entity from the physical body. Thi...


Shree Uvasaggahar Stotra Meaning

UvasaggaharamPäsam, PäsamVandämiKamma-ghan-mukkam; Visahar-vis-ninnäsam, MangalKallänÄväsam (1) Hey ParmatmaParshwanath, O ParshwaYaksh,You are an embodiment of infinite grace, you are the destroyer of all obstacles and difficulties. I surrender myself in your Sharan and express heartfelt VandanBhavna to you. When a seeker experiences Oneness with the Divine, it brings his innate Divinity to life and he starts experiencing his own inner Divinity! O Parmatma, may my VandanBhaav have such strength that it helps me experience an unbreakable Oneness with you. Your intense Sadhna has freed you from the shackles of Karmas. Your soul glistens with such purity that no Karma can ever taint your transcendence. May my inner Purusharth, my devotion be so intense that it helps me nurture ...