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What drives interest for financial services in developing markets?

Policy-friendly central government, key initiatives such as Housing-for-All, impetus on the infrastructure sector, young demographic dividend, and high disposable income have driven the India growth story in the past decade. Today, India provides a huge potential market for top banks, insurance companies, and asset managers who are looking at expanding their business frontiers. Financial services providers have played an important role in driving investment in India. Private financial services players, which include foreign banks and insurance companies, have started finding good expansion opportunities in India. This is despite the continuing dominance of state-owned financial institutions in India’s banking industry and capital markets. The market share of foreign banks is much...


How can I assess my mutual fund's performance?

When it comes to investing in mutual funds, investors first tend to first look at mutual fund performance. However, as irony may have it, most of the mistakes with regards to mutual funds investment occur after an incorrect assessment of the current performance of their mutual fund investment. Therefore, how does an investor do the right things? This article will tell you all about it. After reading this article, before you start thinking about mutual funds to invest in, you will focus more on monitoring the performance of your current schemes first. Following are 6 quick tips to monitor the performance of your mutual fund: It is very crucial to have a performance monitoring system This will help you monitor the performance of your mutual fund investments at regular interval...


Effects Of Budget 2018 On Your Financial Planning

In the Union Budget 2018, the government of India has levied LTCG tax of 10% for gains of more than Rs. 100,000. This has been one of the major moves made by the government, which had a telling effect on the investors, which could be seen in the stock market fluctuations on the Budget day. The big question that you might want to ask as an investor is what this means in terms of your financial planning, especially in case of equity mutual funds. You would want to know whether you should invest in the equity markets at the moment or would debt be a better option. The big move from the Budget 2018 for equity mutual funds is that they will have to tax the dividends, which you were receiving for free until now. What is it that you need to do in terms of your financial planning? Make fres...


Benefits of SIP in Mutual Funds

Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) has become one of the most popular ways of investing in the equity markets, especially to beat the inflation rates over the long run. SIP allows an investor to invest a small and fixed amount of money into a mutual fund scheme.Through SIP, an investor can invest money at regular intervals such as monthly or quarterly for a continuous period of time. Investors’ financial goals are generally divided into long-term and short-term goals. While international holiday, vacation, or buying luxury items come under short-term goals, buying own home, planning retirement funds, and children’s education come under long-term goals. Enrolling for a mutual fund SIP is one of the easiest ways to benefit from the effect of compounding of money over a long-term horiz...