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Advice for SMEs and MSMEs

How often have we heard of a Start up or SME with a very promising business model and a great start to their business, but only to find them in a huge debt trap few years down the line? Promoters end up staring at a business deadlock and face the prospect of poor ratings/scores due to impending NPAs. Many SME/ MSMEs go through phases where they are not able to service their loans and that loan becomes NPA to the bank. Our experience and analyses of various SMEs has revealed that SMEs/MSMEs take term loan for a specific purpose, which may generate enough profit to service the interest of loan - however they fail to generate adequate returns to pay off the principal amount and eventually they go for further borrowings and end up getting into the debt trap. This can be furth...


India’s Fight against Black Money goes International


Recently India & Singapore have amended a decade old double tax avoidance agreement (DTAA) to allow the income tax department to impose tax on capital gains (tax) on investments routed through island nation & avert misuse of benefits. Earlier, Government of India managed to get Mauritius and Cyprus to amend tax treaties to impose capital gain tax & avoid round-tripping of funds into the country some of which was said to be black money. The above measures aim to reduce revenue loss, prohibit double non-taxation, consolidate the flow of investment and also trigger the interchange of knowledge between the two countries. It is also anticipated to reduce unpredictability in the market, by possibly intimidating non serious investors. Such amendment shall tackle the long ...