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These Beauty and the Beast Wedding Photos Are as Enchanting as the Fairy Tale Itself


There are Beauty and the Beast serums, phone cases, nail polishes, makeup palettes, and makeup brushes, to name justa few—and the live-action film doesn't even hit theaters until this Friday. With the overwhelming amount of the movie's themed products, it's understandable to be suffering from a serious case of Disney fatigue. But if you can hang in there for just a bit longer, we promise it will be worth it—because these Beauty and the Beast wedding photos are basically a fairy tale IRL. The photographs were part of an enchanting themed shoot captured by Raelyn Martellino of the California-based Raelyn Elizabeth Photography and styled by Baldw...


Suzy Menkes at New York Fashion Week

Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez were the darling buds of New York fashion when they launched their brand near the turn of the millennium.   They have kept their freshness and enthusiasm for the rare and the raw. But this season was the last of the duo's shows in America before they move lock, stock and hand woven, laced-leather dress to Paris. Meanwhile, as I tried to grasp whether what I had seen was mostly leather or included some plastic, Lazaro bear-hugged Raf Simons, who has moved in the opposite direction across the pond. The Belgian designer has come via Paris couture to take on the role of chief creative officer at Calvin Klein in New York. The show might have been expected to be a dashing last hurrah, but between the weird lighting and the criss-cross ru...