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Home Loans - Who is Eligible and How do they work?

Taking a Home Loan makes purchasing a home easier as it offers you ample funds at competitive interest rates, which you can repay over a long tenor. With the right lender, you can make the process more convenient by applying online, calculating your EMIs in advance by using a housing loan EMI calculator, and making prepayments when you have excess money without any additional charges. Here’s all you need to know about how a Home Loan works and how you can check your Home Loan eligibility. Check Lender offerings and Interest Rates There are various lenders, including banks and NBFCs, in the market that offer Home Loans. Lenders periodically offer Home Loans with additional consumer-friendly benefits such as with nominal interest rates, EMI holidays, and top-up loans. When...


Want to Purchase a Home Before 30? Follow 6 Smart Ways!

If you are just 30 and have decided to purchase your own dream home on a Home Loan, we must congratulate you on your decision to do. It is because even many well-to-do individuals are unable to have their own abode even after their retirement. You must have made all smart decisions in your life, and that’s what may have helped you make another bold move – to have a home of your own! However, deciding to buy a home and purchasing it are two different things. Why? If you don’t plan your home purchase prudently, many ensuing things may fall apart! One of the many smart ways to implement would be availing a Home Loan for purchasing a home. In the context of the same, let’s quickly provide you six smart ways to buy a home so that your investment is worth every p...