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How is Solar Energy Produced?

The Sun lies at the heart of our solar system. It is the largest celestial body in our entire solar system. But do you know that everyday when sun shines, it delivers around 3 trillion watts of energy to the earth? This single day’s energy is more than enough to power at least 3 million homes for a whole year! Ever wondered why do we not make use of this free energy source which is available in abundance? The reason behind this is lack of proper knowledge and often lack of awareness of how solar works. Infact, there are certain myths associated with the solar energy which adds to this woe. Some of the myths includes that solar is very costly and doesn’t really fit into the pocket of a common man. Little do you realise that there are lucrative financial schemes available. So, wi...


Dark Souls 3 boss: how to beat the Abyss Watchers

Are you geared up to play Dark Souls 3? The nature of the game has many players troubled as they find it difficult to beat the game bosses. One particular fight is with the Abyss Watchers, which are the remnants of the Farron knights. Beating this boss is critical as it will advance the story and these tips can help you get a better chance of winning. The boss fight of Dark Souls 3 is divided into two phases. The first phase has players who are looking to go up against two sword-wielding enemies. It is better to run away from them to prevent attacks instead of rolling and focus on staying away from them. They should eventually bump into each other and start fighting among themselves. When one of them dies, it will be easy to pick on the other, but wait for the right opening before ...


Everything you Need to Know About Studying Abroad in UK

If you look to build up a career abroad, studying abroad in UK opens the gate for you by connecting learning with global work opportunities. The programs are ideal for anyone who aspires for high-performance learning and wishes to establish a solid career path. For example, a management program in UK can help you as an individual to become an outstanding business leader and face the world with confidence. For an enriching learning experience, here are the reasons why you can choose to study in the UK. Worldwide recognition Universities in UK are among the best in the world in terms of education and offer the best learning environment for a holistic development. This makes UK an ideal choice among students for working and settling abroad. Top institutions in the worl...